The Crusades

The First Crusade pushed the demon hordes back to the Worldwound; the Second Crusade again turned away these fiends of the Abyss; in the Third Crusade the demons infiltrated the Crusader’s ranks and turned Mendev‘s holy warriors upon themselves, sowing seeds of distrust and hatred among them. Now, as the Demon known as the Storm King gains ground against Mendev, Queen Galfrey has called for a fourth and final crusade. This will be the Final Crusade for Mendev’s holy warriors as they will not turn away from their task until they are victorious or lie dead at their enemies’ feet. In the end, only Demon or Crusader will remain standing on the battlefield.

The Campaign

The Final Crusade is set in the world of Golarion, far to the north, where the Kingdom of Mendev struggles to hold back the demonic hoards of Worldwound. Mendev’s success is vital not only to its own people but to the entire population of Golarion. The Worldwound is a tear in the veil that separates the planes from one another and if allowed to expand may lead to the collapse of interplanar pillars that keep separate the Abyss and Golarion.