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The Final Crusade

The Storm King threatens to overwhelm the borders of Mendev. Recently, after the Storm King destroyed one of the Wardstones protecting crusader lands, his abyssal army poured into the lands surrounding the capital city of Nerosyan. The Wardstones had created a barrier between the Worldwound and Mendev that until the Storm King’s breach had stopped any significant incursions by demon hoards for more than a generation. Now Queen Galifrey and her advisors fear the Storm King has discovered a means to destroy the enchanted menhirs that comprise the Wardstones.

Dramatis Personae

Theron Cihar: He is a human warrior of an unknown past sent to guide Marak. Whatever the reason he is called to do this, Theron is willing to die in order to accomplish his mission.
Marak: A warpriest whose faith has fallen, now fighting to find a cause as much as to protect Mendev. He is called as leader to the party.
Jazelle Rhegard: A woman who uses her looks as much as her magic to get what she wants. Outwardly she appears motivated to save her people but it is their admiration and awe she desires, not their safety.
Nimitas: An elven wizard of questionable loyalties, he is Jazelle’s teacher. Arriving to the Crusades form the Kingdom of Cheliax, no one trust him except for Jazelle.
Mortimar Grey A beardless dwarf, shaved as an outward expression of his tribe’s shame for their role in letting the demon armies destroy a Crusader outpost.
Kira Ilam Part elf, part human she uses the talents of each race to excel as a shadow ranger and to guide Crusaders deep into enemy lands


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